3D Printers with a Difference

What’s new in the world of 3D printers? Innovating continues in the world of 3D printing technology, and makers of 3D printers are coming up with new models to boot.  The latest in the market today are two kinds of 3D printers with a difference: the new da Vinci 3D printer-scanner with laser, and the ITRI’s handheld 3D scanner.

XYZ Printing was able to get units ready so quickly because the company built upon its existing models, just adding the new laser sensors and a spinning plate into the device’s platform. The company tells us its laser sensors are unique in the industry, thanks to the diagonal placement that let it get a more complete scan and reduce parallax errors. With one sensor placed on the top and another placed at the bottom on the facing side, the sensors can see an object from odd angles. That means the printer doesn’t have to rely on software finishing to fill out spaces. Read more at

The Taiwanese Industrial Technology Research Institute had its handheld 3D scanner on display at its booth in Hall 3 (during the Computex 2014.) The compact device uses LED infra-red, is accurate up to 0.2mm and scans at five frames per second. ITRI was demoing the device using a garden gnome on a rotating platform and the 3D scan was quick and extremely accurate. Read more at

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