Printeer: A 3D Printer for Kids

The advancing 3D printing technology is not leaving children behind with the creation of a 3D printer that is child-friendly: Printeer, the first ever 3d printer for kids.

The brainchild of Mission Street Manufacturing, Printeer aims to “bridge the gap between the screen and the physical world” by letting children sketch their designs out on an iPad before manufacturing them. The simplicity of the machine means that no CAD (computer aided design) skills are required, as is often the case with standard 3D printers – instead, users just press the button for their designs to be fabricated. Read more at:

“Toys such as K’Nex and LEGO have been at the centre of children’s playrooms for generations. But what about now?” read a statement from the firm’s Kickstarter page. “In a digital age, when technology skills are some of the most important a child can learn, is there a way to bridge the gap between the screen and the physical world? “Now there is. 3D printing is tailor made for today’s curios, tech savvy kids. That’s why we’ve made Printeer.”  See more at:

Very interesting indeed for children to use: it is educational, fun, and boasts of an attractive design.  A safe guess is most probably, less tech-savvy adults would be more interested in buying a Printeer, rather than the more sophisticated 3D printers available, as an intro to 3D printing. For a relatively reasonable price of $499 – the cost for early pledgers through the ongoing Kickstarter campaign – it is a good investment for starting young minds on the path of technology.


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