World’s Smallest, Cheapest 3D Printer: iBox Nano

The vision: to have a 3D printer for everyone. This is the purpose for iBox Nano, the world’s smallest and most affordable 3D printer, and why it is now up for funding on Kickstarter.

The concept of making 3D printers easily affordable for home-based users has gotten much interest, judging by the number of backers it has garnered since the campaign started in October 17: 1,378 backers, with $363,546 pledged of the $300,000 goal, and 5 more days remain before the iBox Nano project can be funded.

The iBox Nano 3D printer is designed to be user-friendly:

  • The iBox Nano is designed to produce high resolution prints with the touch of a button
  • There is no software to install so you can spend less time setting up prints and more time printing
  • A robust ecosystem of open source and free software for 3D modeling and editing
  • WiFi enabled so you can print untethered
  • Battery powered option for on-the-go printing (optional purchase).

What more, the iBox Nano allows 3d printing done from any browser: from your iPhone, your iPad, any Android device, Windows PC or Mac. You can print without installing any software. If it has a browser you can print to the iBox Nano.

Other unique characteristics of iBox Nano:

  • The worlds smallest Resin printer
  • The worlds most affordable Resin printer
  • The worlds only battery powered (option) Resin printer
  • The worlds first production LCD based UV Resin printer
  • The worlds quietest 3D printer
  • The worlds lightest 3D printer

Head off to the Kickstarter campaign site and pledge to get one for yourself, plus exciting rewards.


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