New Matter MOD-t: Everyone’s Printer

Although 3D-printers are becoming more common, they are not so much yet an ordinary household item, but MOD-t may be everyone’s printer as its maker, New Matter, envisions.

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According to an Entrepreneur article, the the birth of the MOD-t, an affordable, easy-to-use 3-D printer he (Steve Schell) hopes will usher 3-D printing out of nerdy maker obscurity and into every home, office and school. MOD-t is Schell’s passion project which took a year to evolve, and as the article says, Schell, the company’s CEO, co-founded the venture under Idealab’s guiding wing in January 2014 with the incubator’s founder, Bill Gross. Together, their goal is to push at-home 3-D printing into the mainstream. They want to give the everyday consumer, from kids to grandmothers, from enthusiasts to novices and everyone in between — the ability to easily generate beautiful, custom 3-D-printed objects in the click of a button. – Read more here:

This fascinating 3D-printer, capable of 3D-printing any colorful, attractive objects users desire was successfully crowdfunded at Indiegogo last year, going way beyond its goal of $375,000 USD. In just two months, the MOD-t project attracted 3,551 people, thus getting a funding of $683,804USD. One unit costs $249USD and with bundles and perks, the price goes up.

With its successful crowdfunding, as with others before it, it is easy to think consumer 3D-printers like this are the next easily consumable tech gadget in town, but some are skeptical, like one article says:  In terms of price, looks and branding, the current crop of printers is affordable, workable and usable. In that case, why is there such hesitancy in the industry about the consumer market?
Two reasons. The first is that using consumer printers isn’t simple. [...] The second reason is that industrial devices are so versatile that the consumer range looks a little underpowered by comparison. The worry is that it will always lag. -Read more here: The points raised are indeed valid.

Perhaps it will take some more years before a 3D-printing technology is developed that can easily be understood, applied with less time and effort by laymen like us. Until then, it is still interesting to watch an array of consumer 3D-printers coming out more so often.



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