3D-Printed Reconstructed Skull Gives Hope to Ill Woman

A woman who has been found with 5 brain tumors, one of which was cancerous, and outgrew her skull so had to be removed, is now given hope thanks to a 3D-printed reconstructed skull.

Frequently, a plate is placed in the head to make up for any missing bone, but in Dance’s case, she is counting on 3D printing to help reconstruct the missing bone. Right now, Dance (the ill woman’s name) and her husband wait patiently for swelling to go down so she can be medically evaluated for the purpose of a 3D printed bone replacement procedure.
The prospect of having a 3D printed “safer model” of her skull to replace bone instead of a metal plate is giving Dance and her husband some encouragement at a very difficult time. – Read more at:

3D-Printed Reconstructed Skull

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Dance, however, is not the first person who will have a 3D-printed reconstructed skull. From a report way back in July of this year, comes the story of the first human person ever, and the youngest at that, to receive a 3D-printed reconstructed skull. A 3-year-old girl in China will finally be able to lift her head from the pillow after receiving the world’s first full skull reconstruction surgery via 3D printing technology. The toddler, referred to as “Han Han,” underwent 17 hours of surgery at the Second People’s Hospital of Hunan Province in China after suffering from a rare condition that caused her head to grow four times the normal size. The procedure, translated from Chinese as “whole brain shrinking plastic surgery,” involved a full 3D reconstruction and 3D printing of a new titanium skull to reposition her brain. – Read more at:

A 3D printed skull was created using titanium alloy, as were titanium mesh skull implants based on CT scans and 3D models. These components, customized just for Han Han, replaced the top portion of her skull. Eventually, she will grow and the implants will become surrounded by her own bone and some of the skull thinning caused by the hydrocephalus will be mended via the implant. – Read more at:

Such indeed is the amazing power of 3D-printing technology when it is used for the good of human beings and the greater good; abused, and it can be a tool for  destruction and the proliferation of criminal or illegal acts.

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