Amazing 3D-Printed Drone

3D-printing technology has shown how it can be truly an amazing partner in almost any industry. Its most recent feat is merging with another fast-advancing technology to come up with the world’s largest, fastest 3D-printed drone.

According to Tech Insider, Aurora Flight Sciences, an aerospace company, teamed up with 3D printing company Stratasys to create the first 3D-printed, jet-powered aircraft for the Dubai Airshow. [...] The team’s feat shows the immense potential for drone production in the future. 3D printing the drone sped up production, lowered costs associated with production, and allowed the team to experiment with complex designs that could allow drones to accomplish more than they can currently. – Read more at:

Digital Trends reports in article: According to the team, the goal of the project was to demonstrate the efficiency of designing, printing, and flying 3D-printed aircraft. Aurora Flight Sciences engineer Dan Campbell points out the build time for this record-breaking drone was roughly 50 percent less than that of previous projects, with 3D-printing accounting for around 80 percent of the drone’s design. By making use of several different printing techniques —filament extrusion, laser sintering, and laser melting tech— Aurora was able to deliver on its intent of creating a revolutionary jet-powered drone.

See the video below:

“A primary goal for us was to show the aerospace industry just how quickly you can go from designing to building to flying a 3D printed jet-powered aircraft,” said Dan Campbell, Aerospace Research Engineer at Aurora Flight Sciences. “To the best of our knowledge, this is the largest, fastest, and most complex 3D printed UAV ever produced.” – Read more at

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