Amazing NX1 Fast 3D-Printer

You know a new product being launched through crowd-funding campaigns may be truly amazing, or that it will deliver what it promises to by the number and amount of backers/pledges it garners. The NX1, touted as the first fast 3D-printer is one such best-selling campaign on Kickstarter.

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One Italian-based company called Nexa3D has just launched a Kickstarter for their NX1 Fast 3D Printer, which claims to print at an astonishing one inch per every three minutes. Nexa3D, which was founded by industrial engineers Gianni Zitelli and Luciano Tringali, claims to have created a 3D printer for consumers that “can turn their ideas into reality in the time it takes to have a cup of coffee!” – Read more at:

The NX1 Fast 3D-Printer campaign has 30 days more to go, yet it has already garnered 44 backers, €54,010 pledged of its €160,000 goal. The standard package, consisting of the NX1, the first 3D Fast printer; finishing kit; – 1 Resin Cartridge (0,75L) and 2 self-lubricant films is pegged at €1,599 or mor, and has 1 backer so far. Estimated delivery date is March 2016. See more here:

With claims that it operates a whopping 40 times faster than the popular FormLabs’ Form 2, taking printing from ‘hours to minutes,’ consumers may also be quite compelled to purchase the NX1 as it costs considerably less. Early birds ordering from Kickstarter can purchase the NX1 for around $1,488 USD, or €1,399. The campaign ends on December 22nd, and the NEXA3D team hopes to reach funding of just over $170K for production of ‘the first 3D fast printer–for all.’ – Read more at:

Here is a first-hand account by Tech Times of how NX1 is truly one amazing 3D-printer, delivering what it promises to be – a Fast 3D-printer!

Powered by four mechanical arms, the NX1 is able to churn out whatever 3D printing tasks you have lined up for it with ultimate speed … and it’s as fast as advertised with Tech Times getting a first-hand demonstration. Just because it’s moving so rapidly, doesn’t mean it’s sacrificing quality, precision or detail with the end product, either, as objects come out sturdy with style. With co-founders Luciano Tringali and Andrea Denaro having just touched down in New York City from their company headquarters in Rome, Denaro gave Tech Times the situation of bringing a chess board to a friend’s house and forgetting the pieces — only for the NX1 to print every single piece in three to four minutes flat. – Read more at:




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