Print Candy at Home with Choc Edge

According to an AsiaOne article,  start-up companies employ 3D printing creatively. On the horizon is 3D printing of doughnuts, pizzas, quiches, brownies, etc. For example, start-ups like 3D Systems ChefJet lays fine-grain sugar into desired shapes, while Natural Foods’ Choc Edge dispenses chocolate into wonderful fine patterns, and Foodini is working on a wide array of dishes using fresh ingredients. – Read more at:

With Choc Edge, there will be no need to go to the store for a candy fix. Thanks to a new line of 3D printers from Choc Edge, you can now print your own candy at home. But don’t expect to realize your sweetest dreams on the cheap. The company’s chocolate printer comes in two models: the Choc Creator (at £2,888, or about $4,500), and the Choc Creator V2 (£3,888, or roughly $6,100). Read more at:

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The first commercially available chocolate 3D printer has already been on the market for several years, as Choc Edge‘s Choc Creator 3D printer came on the scene in 2012. Last year, we saw the unveiling of the Choc Creator 2.0, which improved upon the first model. – Read more at:

3D-printing is seen as one of the important IT trends in 2016. Some think there’s been a lot of hype around 3D printing, but it remains a major growth area with vast potential. As the materials that can be 3D printed increase, so do the practical applications for 3D printers, with aerospace, medical, automotive, energy and the military all destined to benefit.
“Open hardware and democratised production methods like 3D printing can be seen as ushering in a third industrial age,” says Dr Kevin Curran, Technical Expert at the IEEE, who nevertheless sees food printing as the imminent trend for 2016. – Read more at:

2016 looks exciting indeed with the promise of 3d-printing continuing to revolutionize food production in ways never thought of as possible.

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