Disaster Relief Made Easy by 3D-Printing

Perhaps the thought of bringing a 3D-printer into a disaster area is far from imaginable, but it looks like it is becoming a reality making disaster relief much easier by 3D-prinitng.

Replacement parts to mend leaking pipes, incubators and medical equipment are already being printed by the not-for-profit organisation Field Ready in Nepal, following last year’s earthquakes. And as the technology improves, the potential to provide onsite assistance is expected to increase significantly – from printing emergency shelters to lifejackets. – Read more at:

huge 3D-printer by an Italian company to be used for building homes

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Another way of using 3D-printing technology in future disaster relief efforts involves the building of 3D-printed homes, as envisioned by a group of architects. An article by Independent reported on this:

Architects in Amsterdam are building a 3D-printed house – an effort some say could soon transform disaster reconstruction and help the homeless around the world as the technology becomes increasingly more affordable. […] “We are currently printing with bioplastics, which are 80 percent made from vegetable oil,” Tosja Backer, expo-manager at the 3D Canal House, told reporters. – Read more at:

This is indeed one awesome benefit of 3D-printing that will impact human lives in times of natural calamities.

Meanwhile, 3D-printing is also finding its way into other areas not conceived of in the past.

A funeral parlour isn’t the most obvious place for a 3D printer, but the Longhua funeral parlour in Shanghai offers a very unusual service: 3D printing of body parts for damaged or disfigured corpses. It’s believed to be the first such service in China, and the cost of a replacement face is 4,000 to 5,000 yuan (around £450-£540, $650-$780, or AU$890-AU$1,070). – Read more other 3D-printing applications mentioned here

3D-printers may not yet be a common household gadget for now, despite predictions it would, yet 3D-printing is already part and parcel of living in today’s world.












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