How 3D-Printing Can Revolutionize the Future

3D-printing is deemed not just an innovative technology, but one that will revolutionize the economy in the years ahead. For one, 3D-printing is applicable in almost any field, making lives better in the future.

 3D printing is more than an incredibly cool technology, though. It has the potential to completely overhaul different industries, which would make lives around the globe easier. It can provide quality to everyone. – Read more at:

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 The advancing technology is changing the way things are made, and according to this article, even the way we shop. That’s what Amazon is envisaging – but not by using drones to make fast deliveries from the internet retailer’s giant warehouses.Instead, the company is hoping to harness advances in 3D printing to fulfil consumers’ every desire. 

 A University of Texas Economics professor, Daniel S. Hamermesh, writing for the New York Times, said in an article that 3D-printing will help the economy in the long run: “Three-dimensional printing will spur further productivity growth, especially in those industries that turn out many replications of the same part for assembly into complete products (automobiles, airplanes, electrical equipment, etc.).”

 Even way back in 2014, 3D-printing was poised to disrupt ten industries, according to an article by Tech Republic, changing the way we live, work, and play in the future.

Indeed, 3D-printing’s benefits to human life, now and in the future, overwhelms and excites one’s imagination.

Now here’s the latest prediction from TheStreet: Some $27 billion will be spent in 3D printers in 2019, compared to roughly $11 billion last year, per data from IDC. A report from PwC suggests over two-thirds of manufacturers are using 3D printing.Read more at:


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