MKI Printer: A Unique 3D-Printer

Necessity is the mother of invention, as the saying goes, and that is how the MKI Printer – a unique metal printer for industrial 3D-printing – came to be.


a sample of a 3D-printed metal object

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Zack Vader is the CTO and co-founder of Vader Systems and says he came up with the idea of making a metal printer after he failed to find a company that was capable of printing a microturbine generator he needed for a project. So with the help of his father, Scott, and alma mater, the University at Buffalo, he set out to build his own. - Read more at:


With the MKI Printer, breakthrough in automotive 3D-printing can be possible, like 3D-printing a car’s spare parts, or even custom surgical devices for hospitals.


Vader Systems says, on its website, that the MKI Printer is centered on our patent pending MagnetoJet technology, the Mk1 will propel liquefied metal from an 750°C chamber encased in an electromagnetic field through print nozzles similar to an inkjet printer – allowing full control of the Earth’s most abundant metal, Aluminum.


The MagnetoJet 3D printing technology relies on Magneto Hydro Dynamics (MHD) and Liquid Metal Jet Printing (LMJP) to melt and precisely deposit 200 microns droplets of melted metal. A powerful magnetic field is used to control the deposition of the droplets. – See here:

Here’s more about the MagnetoJet 3D printing technology that powers the MKI Printer.

In a MagnetoJet machine, such as the Mk 1, aluminum wire is deposited into an 800°C ceramic chamber, where it is heated to a molten state. The molten version is then electromagnetically pulsed to cause a precisely sized droplet to form. The droplets are ejected from a custom ceramic nozzle that is similar to inkjet nozzles in that it deposits large quantities of material quickly. - Read more at:




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