5 Latest 3D-Printing Breakthroughs in 2017

Think 3D-printing, 3D-printers, and innovation comes to mind. It is just because the field of 3D-printing is so dynamic that the world is faced with new developments, new technologies in just the wink of an eye. Here are among the latest 3D-printing breakthroughs in different areas.


A major breakthrough in 3-D printed medicine could bring hope to nearly 1.8 billion patients with cardiovascular disease. Chinese scientists working for Sichuan Revotek have successfully 3-D printed blood vessels and implanted them in rhesus monkeys, the company said. - Read more at:

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Sports Automotive

Ferrari, the most successful F1 team in the history of the sport, is hoping 3D printing technology will be able to provide a major boost for its 2017 engine, specifically the piston. […] Having not won a Constructors’ Championship since 2008, Ferrari is looking to challenge Mercedes at the top of the Constructors’ Championship standings, after the German company dominated last term. The engine department are currently working on a number of ‘breakthrough’ changes, with combustion tipped to be the main focus. - Read more at:

Ultimaker 3, a new kind of 3D-printer

As evidence of innovation, look no further than the Ultimaker 3. At just about $3,500, it’s the most expensive desktop 3D printer we’ve looked at. http://www.zdnet.com/article/3d-printing-hands-on-ultimaker-3-a-first-look/

According to this 1st hand report by David Gewirtz for DIY-IT, what’s awesome about the Ultimaker 3 is its dual-extrusion capability. This means you can print using two filaments at one time.Yes, printing with two filaments at once will allow you to print in two colors, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. – Read more at:

The DragonFly 2020 3D-printer, from Nano Dimension

Most 3D printers are defined by their printing technology and the types of materials they use, rather than which items they produce. The DragonFly 2020 from Nano Dimension is an exception. It’s designed to produce only one thing: multi-layer printed circuit boards (PCBs). - Read more at:

Here’s an excerpt of a review of the DragonFly 2020:

To build the PCB the Nano Dimension Dragonfly 2020 deposits two materials, one conductive and one dielectric. Each pass of the print head deposits a 3 micron height of material (dielectric or conductive) at the location specified by the Gerber design file. This electronics 3D printer is capable of producing multi layers PCB.

3D-Printed Skin

A group of researchers from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Hospital General Universitario Gregorio Maranon and the Center For Energy, Environment and Technological Research have worked together to create a prototype 3D bioprinter capable of printing out synthetic skin. - Read more at:

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