Mars: New Frontier for 3D-Printing?

An incredible idea from NASA might transform Mars into a new frontier for 3D-printing: a human colony living in 3D-printed homes.

Human’s next destination is Mars. And the next giant leap for mankind is building a sustainable habitat on the red planet. Behrokh Khoshnevis, professor at the University of Southern California has been reportedly working with NASA on the possibility of building a colony on Mars since 2011. And it’s going to be 3D-printed. - Read more here:


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As to the question of how this could be made possible, NASA is thinking of robots to do the 3D-printing job.

The process of getting settled in looks like it will be expedited, as robots are being developed that will build basic buildings and roads before astronauts arrive. Behrokh Khoshnevis, a NASA engineer from the University of Southern California, has been working for years on robots that can 3D print buildings by extruding concrete, and is leading the research to bring the technology to Mars. - Read more at:

Still think this is just wishful thinking or science fiction stuff? NASA is decidedly set on its goal of sending humans to Mars, and it hopes to achieve this at a conceivable future.

There isn’t a clear timeline for this technology to be completed but it will have to be sometime before NASA sends humans to Mars, which is expected to be sometime in the 2030s, according to an Inverse article

How will 3D-printed homes on Mars look like?

A futuristic “ice house” was revealed as the best design for a comfy place to live on Mars in a NASA competition, the Daily Star reported.

“Ice Home is more than just a habitat, since what we really need is a new home on Mars,” said Ice Home principal investigator Kevin Kempton, of NASA’s Langley Research Center. “Our team is confident Ice Home is currently the best solution out there for an early Mars outpost.” - Read more at:





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