Can a 3D-Printed House Ever Last?

In a small town in western Russia called Stupino, a 3D printed house just went up in the middle of winter and in a day’s time,according to Singularity Hub. Pieces of houses and bridges have been 3D printed in warehouses or labs then transported to their permanent locations to be assembled, but the Stupino house was printed entirely on-site by a company called Apis Cor, the report continued.Read more at:

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This is certainly not the first case of a house being 3D-printed. Yet the question remains: can 3D-printed houses ever last, and withstand all kinds of weather? How about the living condition inside such a structure?


It seems here at last is a solution to affordable housing, especially in developing countries, as well as in disaster-prone areas. As shown by the video, the interior looks inviting and comfortable enough.



Nikita Chen-yun-tai, the inventor of the mobile printer and founder of Apis Cor, explained his desire is “to automate everything”. […] He adds: “We want to help people around the world to improve their living conditions. That’s why the construction process needs to become fast, efficient and high-quality as well…” – Read more at:

According to the above report, the company said the 3D-printed house is designed to last up to 175 years at a construction cost of only $10,134.

China has also begun to experiment with 3D-print houses. Back in 2014, a private company in Shanghai 3D-printed 10 houses in just 24 hours.

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Then in 2015, a 3D-printed house [was] built in just three hours in one of China’s capital cities.The individual modules of a dining room, kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms were assembled by Chinese developer Zhuoda Group on a site in Xi’an… - Read more at:

The said 3D-printed house was designed to withstand earthquakes.

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Last year, not to be outdone, another Chinese company demonstrated how durable a 3D-printed home could be.


3D-printers started small, but now companies are printing entire homes – and a Chinese company just created an entire mansion in 45 days! Beijing-based HuaShang Tengda printed a two story villa that measures about 4,305 square feet – and they say it’s durable enough to withstand an earthquake measuring 8.0 on the Richter scale. - Read more at:


There have been other 3D-printing construction done in other places, and this field shows a lot of promise for the future. As the technology improves, it won’t be long before 3D-printed homes will be a viable option for many around the world.










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