5 Business Opportunities with 3D-Printing


3D-printing does more than revolutionize industries today, radically changing the way things are made or done, as well as producing new kinds of objects. It also provides a lot of business opportunities for the enterprising, creative people out there. If you are one of them, here are some money-making opportunities with 3D-printing.


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* Providing 3D-printing classes and/or workshops

If you have the skills, knowledge, and passion for 3D-printing, then teaching others how to use a 3D-printer and create 3D-printed models may be a good way to earn extra income or build a buisness.

You may hold either 1-on-1, or group classes, depending on the number of students that sign up.

You can also offer your 3D-printing tutorial services to schools, companies, or even brick-and-mortar stores that sell 3D-printers. Another option would be to offer online classes, and provide e-books and professionally made how-to videos. - See here:


* Turning a Product into a Service

3D printing has the advantage to offer great values to your business: fast conception and prototyping, enhanced productivity, very fast production time. Another value that is not always considered is the possibility to turn your product into a service thanks to 3D printing. From your customers’ data, you can create unique and personalized goods that fit their needs. - Read more at:

This opportunity requires the most money and creativity, but it also has the highest return potential. Here, you are making an online business where you sell a product revolutionized by 3D printing or some other related service. - Read more at:


* Creating and Selling Designs

This is the most affordable and easiest way to get started. It’s essentially like creating a smartphone app and selling it for royalties, according to the above-mentioned source.


* Offering 3D-Printing Services

Perhaps the most simple business usage of a 3D printer is to sell its services. [...] 3D printers can usually take in 3D models as a template and then print them out with startling accuracy. This means that you can allow customers to upload their 3D models, scale them and edit them how they want, and then request your company to print it and send it to them. - Read more at:


* Creating 3D-Printed Art Pieces

If you are an artist, you can create unique 3D-printed art pieces, even 3D-printed recreations. You can put up a gallery of your 3D-printed art creations, give lectures, or hold special workshops.

You can get pretty ideas here and here.


These are just some ways to monetize your 3D-printing skills and interest, spread the love, and help the technology grow all the more.


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